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About Us

The Network provides opportunities for Australasia's Lean Thinking and redesign healthcare community to learn, share and network.

We acknowledge the value of learning from industries outside of health and actively seek opportunities to collaborate with the manufacturing and service industry community.

To date the primary activity of the network is the annual Australasian Redesigning Healthcare Summit, Australasia's premier Redesign event for healthcare.

This event is renowned for assembling a diverse group of global experts and making them accessible to our delegates through varied learning experiences.


Denise Bennett Bio Photo 2014.jpg

Denise Bennett, RN, RM, BN, MBA

Denise is an experienced Lean Practitioner, and was part of the pioneering team who translated Lean Thinking to healthcare at Flinders Medical Centre. Since 2008, Denise has worked with other organisations in a consultancy role to support Lean Thinking implementation and healthcare redesign. Denise is currently the Lean Program Manager at the City of Melbourne.

Denise has played an active role in the Australasian Lean Healthcare Network, convening the Redesigning Healthcare Summit from 2005 to 2014. Denise's has a passion for the redesign of nursing work and constantly promotes the application of visual management to healthcare.


David Ben‐Tovim

David is a psychiatrist and epidemiologist, who came to Lean thinking and redesign by way of being the Director of Clinical Governance at the Flinders Medical Centre. He helped establish the Redesigning Care program there, and has been it's Director since 2002. He has been involved in the Australasian Lean Healthcare Network since it's inception, and supports the development of Lean thinking and Process redesign in healthcare both in Australasia, and other parts of the world, by teaching, training, research, and publication in peer‐reviewed journals.


Jane Evans

Jane is Director, Organisational Redesign and Performance Excellence at Eastern Health, Victoria

Jane leads the redesign improvement program and also has responsibility for developing and implementing a Performance Excellence Framework which defines the requisite performance standards, performance monitoring and performance innovation and improvement processes that ensure all staff understand and achieve the expected work standards and address problems in their work place as part of their everyday practice.

Jane was previously the Manager Redesigning Hospital Care Program in Victoria and was responsible for building the redesign program and including capability for redesign and improvement in 31 health services across Victoria.


Peter Walsh

After Graduating with an honours degree in Engineering, his career roles have included Plant Management, Management Consultant and Company Chairman.

In these roles he has conducted projects for organisations ranging from the largest to smallest in Australia. He has also operated extensively in the UK, and in USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Belgium and New Zealand. He was a nominated world automotive industry specialist with a major international consulting organization.

Lean Website 2.jpg

Lisa Warner

Our Executive Officer, Lisa Warner, has an extensive background in client orientated service operations and business development, including sales, marketing, strategic planning and client relationship management.

With more than twenty five years experience in the conference and event management industry, innovation, creativity, professionalism and a commitment to excellence has formed a large part of Lisa's career experience. It is these skills and the enthusiasm to continue to develop and increase the profile of this organisation that provides Lisa and the ALHN with some exciting challenges for the future.